All about sports
Sports is for recreation, fitness, competition, and also entertainment.
TransStadia has implemented the tri-trac approach keeping all stakeholders at the center of the planning process
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Our facilities and infrastructure are intelligently integrated with modern technology and smart designs,
optimizing resources and offering a world-class sporting experience.
At TransStadia, we believe the sports sector is rapidly growing, and the need of the hour is a power-packed infrastructure that can coach and train young talent into super athletes of our nation.
We have built an organization committed to sports development in India through our state-of-the-art facilities.
TransStadia is an experience!


We offer 14 sports

At TransStadia, we offer professional training and coaching in over 14 sports like Football, Basketball, Cricket, Boxing, Table Tennis, Badminton, Pool Table, Squash, Karate, Skating, Swimming, Chess, Tennis & Volleyball.

Our wide range of sports programs offered by experts and qualified professionals help young sports enthusiasts to be champions in their sport.

TransStadia has carefully planned and curated this sports infrastructure to offer our members an exclusive experience. Our members get the exclusive privilege to play football in a FIFA standard stadium & play tennis on a 7th-floor open-air court.
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TransStadia helps regain work-life balance through its fully-equipped fitness centers and spaces that help you to build your healthier self.
We also offer expert training, guidance, and assistance to professional athletes. We invite them to train at our world-class sports infrastructure, fully equipped with modern technology and smart sporting facilities.
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Ignite Supplements
In Collaboration with a Research Based Supplements formulating & manufacturing company
Only Nutritional Supplement in Asia with the BSCG, California certificate and Only Sports Supplement brand in India having FSDU certification

All the products are designed specific to each age group as well as gender

Uses only highest quality ingredients
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Important Research
  1. Community Nutrition : - Supplements for Women and Child across all age groups.
  2. Sports Nutrition : - The First and the only company which is certified by BSCG California to manufacture supplements for sports boys and girls from age 8-15 years.
    ONLY Indian company which is certified by BSCG California.
  3. Military Training Nutrition : - The only company to develop supplement to reduce training induced injuries.
  4. High Altitude Nutrition (HAN) :- The HAN bars are specially developed for Army situated at Siachen and Drass which can remain stable at -50 Deg C. .
  5. Immunity Boosting Supplements :- Immunity Boosting Supplements with DOPE FREE Certification from BSCG-USA.


The young sporting talent of the nation needs global standard infrastructure to compete on the world stage. TransStadia is committed to providing facilities and assistance to the nation's young athletes and preparing them to dominate their sports fields.
At TransStadia, we transform athletes, artists, social media influencers, and other leading personalities into brands by facilitating associations and partnerships.