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The TransStadia Group has set a benchmark with its exemplary contributions to the sports infrastructure sector in India.
With our strong legacy as pioneering industry players, we recognize the need for a holistic education approach.
The Board and Team at TransStasia is an assembly of experts from diverse backgrounds who share a common passion for the cause.


Harish Sheth
Chariman & Promoter of
Setco Group
Udit Sheth
Udit Sheth
Founder & Managing Director
Hiren Pandit
Shvetal Vakil
Ayaz Menon


To build a sustainable and scalable aspirational brand that contributes to building a new India through SMART urban sports infrastructure led services across Sport, Education, Hospitality & MICE.


To develop SMART City Centers through stadium monetization across at least 12 urban areas that deliver quality services and drives community delight.
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  • Catalyze the development of Sports in India.
  • Create state-of-the-art smart urban multi-use spaces.
  • Integrate modern technology to create innovative products and service solutions.
  • Building an innovation-driven and financially healthy company.
  • Nurture young talent through world-class education, skilling, and upskilling.
  • Implement the highest standards of safety, quality, health & environmental practices.


A 2012 report by the World Health Organization (WHO) points out that one out of every three Indians will either be a coronary patient or a diabetic by the year 2030.
Given that this under-threat population is the current school going children, TransStadia understood the imperative to act NOW. The first step towards this is the development of world-class sporting facilities to provide the opportunity for the youth of the nation to express themselves in the field of fitness and sport. Further, in today’s day and age, sports fans, players, officials, media and the community at large – all of them need to be catered for in the best possible manner while keeping economics in mind. From that perspective, by using patented stadia convertible technologies from UK & Europe, TransStadia is revolutionizing the field of urban sports infrastructure by converting parts of an otherwise underutilized stadium into an indoor arena in 6 minutes, which can then be used for multi-format personal, commercial and corporate events.



Be a part of a revolutionary organization



Play, Perform, Compete, Study, or Work
- the choice is yours!
At TransStadia, we encourage collectively working towards a common goal of serving the nation and society. Our team works tirelessly each day to lead the company toward success. We invite like-minded, passionate individuals to associate with us and be a part of a diverse team that works in an inclusive environment.
Let us make sports a thriving industry together!
Email your CV/Resume with a cover letter including your purpose and vision for working with TransStadia to hr@transstadia.com, and one of us will contact you.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Over the years, TransStadia has enhanced the quality of life across the entire socio-economic spectrum and aimed at benefitting the underprivileged community through its CSR arm, Setco Foundation. Setco Group had introduced Setco Foundation in 2007 to partake in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to improve lives, living conditions and livelihood for a stronger and inclusive India.

With 5% of Setco Automotive’s Annual Net Profit being dedicated to the foundation, it focuses on healthcare, nutrition, education and empowerment of underprivileged women and children of Gujarat. In addition to it, 2% of TransStadia’s profits are committed to the development of grassroots sports and recognition of talent from therein.

Presently, the foundation is an imperative part of a project in Godhra (a city in Eastern Gujarat) in association with the Sports Authority of Gujarat (SAG) to support youth football in the district. Moreover, in association with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), the foundation has run a comprehensive health and fitness program at multiple AMC Schools through which it touched lives of almost 1700 students. Being a firm believer in environmental sustainability, the foundation has flourished in developing technologies to converse natural resources and promote organic renewable energy. In collaboration with Bluelab India, the foundation has also co-designed low-smoke stove technology and validated economically viable toilets.


The project is environmentally sustainable and with the least impact on the Ecological balance of the area. It has obtained the statutory clearances like Consent to Establish and Environment clearance.
This project has a model ecosystem which will cause minimal environmental impact and carbon footprint in the neighborhood. The objective has been to address environmental issues beyond the regulatory compliances like Pollution Control, Environmental Impact and Energy Conservation etc.
The location is pollution free and away from the industrial areas. As already brought out the complex has an Environment Management plan under implementation to ensure that precincts and nearby areas. Our Design and Construction has Environmental, Economic and Social elements for Occupants and General Public. This step is to improve the Environmental Standards of our Project and to achieve the goal of making our building environmentally sustainable.