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TransStadia is the most flexible stadium and that adapts like the iPad. You run your all apps and let others build theirs too.”
Harish Sheth, Chairman
SE TransStadia Pvt Ltd

A 2012 report by the World Health Organization (WHO) points out that one out of every three Indians will either be a coronary patient or a diabetic by the year 2030. Given that this under-threat population is the current school going children, TransStadia understood the imperative to act NOW. The first step towards this is the development of world-class sporting facilities to provide the opportunity for the youth of the nation to express themselves in the field of fitness and sport.


Further, in today’s day and age, sports fans, players, officials, media and the community at large – all of them need to be catered for in the best possible manner while keeping economics in mind. From that perspective, by using patented stadia convertible technologies from UK & Europe, TransStadia is revolutionizing the field of urban sports infrastructure by converting parts of an otherwise underutilized stadium into an indoor arena in 6 minutes, which can then be used for multi-format personal, commercial and corporate events.