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TransStadia believes in an integrated CSR approach that focuses on high-impact, sustainable initiatives for our communities, while being a flag bearer for global standards in environmentally and socially responsible practises throughout our physical and human infrastructure.”
Urja Shah, Corporate Social Responsibility

Over the years, TransStadia has enhanced the quality of life across the entire socio-economic spectrum and aimed at benefitting the underprivileged community through its CSR arm, Setco Foundation. Setco Group had introduced Setco Foundation in 2007 to partake in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to improve lives, living conditions and livelihood for a stronger and inclusive India.


With 5% of Setco Automotive’s Annual Net Profit being dedicated to the foundation, it focuses on healthcare, nutrition, education and empowerment of underprivileged women and children of Gujarat. In addition to it, 2% of TransStadia’s profits are committed to the development of grassroots sports and recognition of talent from therein.

Presently, the foundation is an imperative part of a project in Godhra (a city in Eastern Gujarat) in association with the Sports Authority of Gujarat (SAG) to support youth football in the district. Moreover, in association with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), the foundation has run a comprehensive health and fitness program at multiple AMC Schools through which it touched lives of almost 1700 students. Being a firm believer in environmental sustainability, the foundation has flourished in developing technologies to converse natural resources and promote organic renewable energy. In collaboration with Bluelab India, the foundation has also co-designed low-smoke stove technology and validated economically viable toilets.

Committed to enhancing the quality of life from the disregarded and vulnerable communities, the foundation is addressing the issues related to poverty, malnutrition, women empowerment, education and infant health. Today, Setco Foundation is associated with 18 Anganwadis where trained teachers educate young kids, help special kids, empower women by teaching new skills through workshops, eliminate malnourishment by providing meals to the kids, and more. Moreover, children with slow development receive therapy from speech therapist, psychiatrist and motor therapist once a month. Giving the young youth of our nation a push to hone their skills in respective sport, the foundation has not only provided training but also financial support to help them grow ahead in their desired sport. Adolescents associated with Setco Foundation have competed on the state and national level through full support from the foundation.

Being a public-centric development, our aim has always been and will be to improve adolescent | maternal | infant health, integrated nutrition and early childhood development, education, empowerment and sports.